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UPDATE / 2016
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   HOMETOWN:  Ambia, Indiana

  • Playing the piano and electric guitar
  • Driving my John Deere 9430 Tractor during planting and harvesting seasons.
  • Testing and Racing!

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 P h o t o  G a l l e r y
June 1, 2016
    Planting season is done on The Weber Farm for the 2016 season and The Flying Farmer was on his family’s team.

    As he prepares to race again in late 2016 and then in 2017 Karl Weber plays a crucial rolein planting food grade corn and soybeans on The Weber Farm. One thing that any race driver will tell you is that tires play a crucial role on the track; it is no different in the field as Karl will tell you.

    “ Our farm uses Titan’s Low Side Wall tires exclusively”, says Karl, “because the LSW tire doesn’t compact the soil which means that we get a better yield from planted seeds.” This year The Weber Farm planted 12,000-acres for the 2016 season.

    Karl Weber is in the process of preparing to re-enter the ARCA Series and then the NASCAR XFinity Series in 2017. Weber is universally recognized as a very good technical driver in that he understands the mechanical working of the racecar so that he can communicate what adjustments need to be made to go faster. This includes tires.

​     “It is amazing how similar the process of proper performance tires match up between farm and racetrack. If you don’t know what your tires are doing you can’t get max performance”, Weber said. “It is also interesting that once I get to NASCAR Xfinity Series, I will have Titan Goodyears on my tractor and Goodyears on my racecar.”

    Karl Weber Racing is the process of gathering like-minded agricultural companies together for the 2017 season. 

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July 15, 2016
  “My Dad is featured on Kellogg’s “Open For Breakfast” Website and I am so proud of him.”The Weber Farm produces corn for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. The “Open For Breakfast” initiativeby Kellogg’s is designed to tell the story of how farmers produce high-quality corn which isused to produce one of America’s most popular cereal brands.

  Karl said, “My family is proud of the fact that we are dedicated to producing for Kellogg’s and on their website my Dad tells the story of The Weber Farm and how agricultural methods have changed since his Father started farm in in 1849!”

My Dad On Kellogg’s “Open For Breakfast” Website
  Karl will enter his sophomore college year as a straight A student with plans to go to PurdueCollege of Agriculture with the goal of continuing his father’s 12,000-acre operation. In the article on Kellogg’s “Open For Breakfast” website Randy Weber explains how far farming has progressed. Karl Weber said, “I can’t believe that my Grandfather was happy when he planted 500-acres in one season; now we plant 500-acres for Kellogg’s in one day!”

  Karl Weber is currently getting ready to race select events late in 2016 with plans to race16 events on the NASCAR Xfinity Series in 2017. His team will bring together like-minded agricultural firms to tell the story of “field to table”. The firms will include heavy equipment, irrigation, tilling equipment, propane energy, and all of the elements that put Ag On Track in America.

  “I am so proud of our farm, may Dad, my Mom and everything that we do to put quality food on our country’s breakfast table”, said The Flying Farmer.

Learn more about Kellogg’s “Open For Breakfast” by clicking onto this link:

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